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Dead Island Riptide – How to Change the FOV on PC

This is a guide on how to change the FOV where it is currently stuck at 62.5 for performance and other reasons explained by Deep Silver PR. This guide is also applicable to Dead Island (2011) and the Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition as well. This guide focuses on the location and names of Dead Island Riptide.

  1. Go to the location of your Steam folder: /steamapps/common/diriptide/DI/
  2. Open Data0.pak in Winrar or Winzip
  3. In another Explorer window, go to Documents or My Documents (depending on Windows version). Go to Riptide and create folder “data“. Enter data and create a folder “skills
  4. In Winrar/zip, go to skills inside the Data0.cab and drag & drop default_levels.xml into that Documents/Riptide/data/skills folder.
  5. Open the .xml in notepad.
  6. Edit FOV to whatever you want. Save.

Then Riptide should automatically use that edited .xml file before using any default one from inside the Data0.cab! The file structure and engine are the same, so the same fixes should work.

This is verified as I used this in order to review the game.

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