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Killing Floor updates and celebrates Halloween with the Horror Double Feature 2014

[youtube http://youtu.be/VWsznGaHoF0]

Today, Tripwire Interactive is pleased to announce that the Killing Floor Halloween Double Feature update is now available on Steam!  A new Halloween map, the Halloween Zeds AND the Toy Master mod, featuring evil, demented toys out to kill you – is all available for free to Killing Floor owners. We’ve also set up some DLC bundles, at a great price and then discounted them 75% off for the duration of the sale, allowing Trick-Or-Treaters to pick up the Killing Floor goodies they might be missing from their collection.  Lastly, individual DLC is 50% off.

The Killing Floor Halloween Horror Double Feature includes:

The Return of the Halloween Zeds!

  • They’re back… The popular Killing Floor Halloween Zeds have returned along with all of their achievements and unlockable characters!

New Map

  • Club Clandestine – a demented underground nightclub complete with all the requisite torture devices for a fun night out

New Official Mod

  • Toy Master Mod with Devil’s Dollhouse Map – a new official mod, free to all owners of Killing Floor, featuring the debut of the Toy Master Game Mode along with the Devil’s Dollhouse map & evil toys replacing the zeds. Toy Master was created by Tripwire Interactive’s Art Director David Hensley, with help from Killing Floor originator Alex Quick and is a must play for fans of the series!

New DLC Bundle Packs:

  • Killing Floor DLC Character Pack Bundle (Contains Outbreak, Nightfall, PostMortem, London’s Finest, Steampunk, Steampunk 2 and Urban Nightmare)
  • Killing Floor Premium Character Bundle (Contains Ash Harding, Harold Lott, Chickenator, DAR, Mrs Foster, Reggie and the 2 Neon characters)
  • Weapons Bundle (IJC WP 1, Gold WP 1, Gold WP 2, IJC WP 2, Camo WP, IJC WP 3, Neon WP)
  • Community Content Bundle (IJC WP 1, IJC WP 2, IJC WP 3, Neon Characters, Neon WP)

The Killing Floor Halloween Horror Double Feature Sale is happening NOW on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/1250/)

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