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Deadlight: Director’s Cut Review

Deadlight is another in a long string of games that’s about the undead. While that might make some folks groan, Deadlight did things a bit different from a gameplay perspective to keep things fresh. Opting to go for more of a side scrolling style of gameplay akin to something like the classic “out of this world” it was a unique take if somewhat flawed and frustrating at times.  We now see a return to the series with the Director’s Cut, which offers some refinements, but mostly more of the same.

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BloodRayne Betrayal is improved from original, now on Steam

BR Betrayal logo white

Iconic vampire vixen Rayne is back and blood-thirstier than ever in this revamped PC release of the smash-hit brawler. Originally released in 2011 on consoles, developer Abstraction Games has exhumed the lavish, artistic reimagining of the BloodRayne universe and topped it off with a fresh layer of polish for Steam players, all at a savory $9.99. Updates include increased precision for Rayne’s movements, re-balanced puzzles and challenges, as well as additional checkpoints throughout.

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