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Black Knight Sword Review

Reanimated corpses, hacking and slashing, theater shows, a flying eyeball companion to solve puzzles, and moving set-pieces add up for an interesting and unique experience. Is it one worth having, or should you keep the curtains closed on this play? …continue reading » Black Knight Sword Review


Sine Mora heading to the Playstation Vita

According to a press release we were just handed this morning, the XBLA title, Sine Mora, will be making it’s way to Sony’s Vita.  Exclusive to this version is a new character Wilhelmine Muller, coming directly from the fantastic world of Under Defeat created by studio G.Rev. Along with Wilhelmine, brand new special weapons and new chronomes will be available to the Vita version.  The press release doesn’t mention a release date but I would expect it soon.


Sine Mora, One of This Year’s Highest Reviewed XBLA Games, is Coming to PlayStation®Vita!

Budapest, Hungary – June, 4 – Sine Mora may very well have redefined the shmup genre with loads of character and exquisite presentation, and now it’s spreading its wings to PlayStation®Vita, so more players can experience the combined genius of Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture’s digital opus. Arriving soon, Sine Mora is set to blow minds yet again for an entirely new audience.

“When you’ve got a great game on your hands, there’s nothing you want to do more than share it with everyone,” said Balázs Horváth, director of publishing at Digital Reality. “We had a fantastic launch with Microsoft exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and we’re really excited to continue that on the Vita.”

Exclusive to this new version is a guest character from Japanese cult studio G.rev, responsible for many shoot’em up classics likeBorder Down, Strania or Under Defeat. Vita owners will be able to select a new hero, Wilhelmine Muller, coming directly from the fantastic world of Under Defeat. Of course, the presence of Wilhelmine also means a brand new special weapon and new chronomes, available only on Vita!

Co-developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality, Sine Mora is a dieselpunk shoot ’em up that provides a unique take on the genre, where time is the ultimate factor. Mixing classic shooter sensibilities with next-gen presentation, Sine Moradefines itself as a gorgeous shmup that appeals to both hardcore and casual gamers alike. Found on Xbox Live Arcade and coming soon to PlayStation®Vita, Sine Mora features over 60 combinations of planes, characters and time manipulation devices to complete every beautifully-crafted stage with scaling difficulty. All of this is set to an epic score of soaring heights composed by Akira Yamaoka (acclaimed for his works on Shadows of the Damned and the Silent Hill series) and with set pieces from boss battles designed by the legendary anime director Mahiro Maeda (Final Fantasy: UnlimitedThe Animatrix segment “The Second Renaissance Parts I and II”, and the animation sequence in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol. 1).

For more information about Sine Mora, please visit the official website: http://sinemoragame.com, the Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/sinemoragame or follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SINE_MORA.


About Digital Reality

Digital Reality Publishing is a game service company that combines original gameplay and creative freedom from studios by maintaining a long-term online relationship with its customers. With a secure base of private funding, Digital Reality publishes games across all platforms, from downloadable console titles to browser-based and mobile games.

Founded in 1991, Digital Reality Software has 20 years of experience in game development. Mostly known for the award-winning Imperium Galactica series of computer strategy games, popular Digital Reality titles include SkyDrift, Haegemonia: Legions of Iron, Platoon, and Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps. For more information, visit www.digitalreality.eu.

About Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. is an independent interactive entertainment studio based in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Grasshopper Manufacture was founded in 1998 by CEO Goichi Suda (SUDA51), who is known around the world for his distinctive style and innovative work as a game designer and scenario writer. For more information on Grasshopper Manufacture, visitwww.grasshopper.co.jp, or follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/Grasshopper_EN, or on the Facebook page at:http://www.facebook.com/grasshopper.manufacture.

About G.rev Ltd.

Founded in July 2000, G.rev Ltd. is an entertainment software developer and publisher that primarily focuses on arcade-style shoot’em ups. The studio is responsible for classic Dreamcast titles Border Down and Under Defeat, and more recently the Senko no Ronde series and retro-shooter Strania. For more information, please visit http://grev.co.jp (Japanese) or the official G.rev Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Grev-Ltd/ 194052213944305


New Screenshots for Big Bang Racing

Digital Reality gears up for the ultimate ride with Bang Bang Racing, a fast-paced family-friendly racing game, skidding past the finish line and onto PlayStation Network in America June 5, Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft June 6, PC and Steam June 8 and PlayStation Network in Europe June 13, 2012! Maneuver your way around every twist and turn of the course and burn rubber while fine tuning your driving skills in an effort and take home the championship trophy! …continue reading » New Screenshots for Big Bang Racing


Classic Strategy Title Imperium Galactica II: Alliances is Available Now on iPad

Following up the recent release of one of the most well-reviewed games of 2012 (ours included), Sine Mora, Digital Reality is pleased to announce that its classic real-time strategy title, Imperium Galactica II: Alliances, is available now on the Apple iPad.

…continue reading » Classic Strategy Title Imperium Galactica II: Alliances is Available Now on iPad


Sine Mora Review

– Scott Ellison

Our Score: 5 / 5 – Incredible

Sidescrolling shoot’em ups (shmups). It is a niche genre of games. They requires lightning quick reflexes and dexterity not usually tested. You must always multitask. Bullet hell is often a name used when describing these games because there is an obscene amount of bullets on screen that you have to dodge in almost a supernatural way. And as a result, it’s extremely difficult, hard to master, and requires rote memorization.

Sine Mora is everything I mentioned and more. It is a beautiful game with lavish visuals and fantastic dieselpunk art style. Worlds are gorgeous in 3D that are not linear paths. The camera takes on a cinematic motion at times during transitions within stages. Levels span not only high above the clouds but close to the ground, in factories, downtown cities, and even underwater as the planes transform to aquatic traversal. Music is composed by the Sound Director of Silent Hill and Shadows of the Damned, Akira Yamaoka. Each stage has a serene and beautiful score that blends in with the chaos on the screen. A dramatic shift of shmups in the past with japanese rock and other fast paced genres.

As with all shmups, points are part of any game mode you play and determines your place on the leaderboards. One of the ways to earn a high score is to increase your multiplier. It does not cooldown through lack of continual kills – if you get hit, it will reset to 1X. And the end of a Stage you are graded for your performance, from ‘F’ to ‘S’. Should you die, the game uses the arcade credit system. You get 10 credits in Story Mode, 3 in Arcade Mode and a whopping 0 in Score Attack.

You’d expect that that the controls would be fast and fluid, as that isn’t the case here. It’s not detrimental to success, the planes have a certain weight to them. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it – it is barely noticeable. You have a primary weapon with infinite ammo that can be upgraded on-the-fly by collecting floating icons in the sky, once an enemy has been downed. You can earn special weapon ammo along the way too, that you should store for boss battles and large swarms of enemies.

The crux of the gameplay is time. You are not only battling a herd of enemies on-screen, but are fighting time as well. There is a clock counting down continuously. By eliminating enemies you will earn precious seconds back. Pacifism will not benefit you in Sine Mora. Should you get hit by enemy fire in the game, and five seconds gets deducted from the already ticking clock. It increases the tension and probably will make you a bit more frantic and get you into more trouble.

The story is actually worth playing, an uncommon feature for a shmup. It is told in Hungarian voice over with English text. It’s a deep, troubling story that shows sacrifice, loss, and just utter despair in desperate times. There’s even a Call of Duty aspect to the story telling as you frequently play as different heroes struggling to stop the oppression and destruction that has befallen their great city. Stages frequently introduce you to bosses. Boss Battles require a specific strategy to defeat. This is where most of the bullet hell occurs, boss spawn enemies and shoot all weapons that you must duck and weave through and around to avoid taking damage. Luckily the game does Autosave at certain locations to allow you to use a credit and jump back in.

Other modes are Arcade Mode which features an adaptive AI, learning how you play for a customized challenge. Score Attack is brutal as gets as you only have one life to get as far as you can. Time is still an ever-present danger for you to battle against in turn with the enemies still. You can also go into a Boss Training mode to learn the fastest and best strategy to take down the bosses, a not uncommon feature for shmups as time and score are what every player strives for.

Achievements are handled uniquely as they tie in to gameplay. There’s just two achievements for basic things, but there’s a ranking system in place that you can go to the Achievements in the main menu and view what is required (rather than the Xbox default menu) to get promoted and subsequently the next achievement. They aren’t easy, but provide another level of detail and replayability to the game.

Sine Mora features a clean presentation all around, the menus are just so simple and elegant. The visual fidelity and sound quality is great. Gameplay is responsive and hectic. Rarely did I find myself frustrated (if only for my own inept moves into the line of fire), but I always had a smile on my face. Step out of your comfort zone and at least give Sine Mora Trial a download. What you will find may surprise you.

[box_light]EDITOR’S UPDATE: Buying on PS3? Read about it here: http://www.savingcontent.com/2012/12/sine-mora-ps3-is-the-version-to-own/[/box_light]

Retails for: $14.99, recommended purchase price: $14.99

An XBLA code for the game was provided by Reverb PR for Review purposes


Sine Mora shows off its Normal and INSANE Difficulty Settings

Digital Reality’s upcoming arcade shooter, Sine Mora, coming exclusively to Xbox LIVE Arcade later this year. Co-developed by Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. (Japan) and Digital Reality (Hungary) and published by Microsoft Studios, Sine Mora is diesel-punk shoot ’em up that provides a unique take on the genre, where time is the ultimate factor. Mixing classic shooter sensibilities with next-gen presentation, Sine Mora is a gorgeous shmup that appeals to both hardcore and casual gamers alike.

This video shows off the stark contrast between the normal difficulty setting and the INSANE difficulty setting (which is intended for only the most seasoned and skillful shoot ’em up players)


SkyDrift gets its first Downloadable Content

Digital Reality announced the first downloadable content (DLC) for its aerial combat racer SkyDrift on XBLA and PSN. If you felt the hangar of planes was thin, the ‘Extreme Fighters Pack’, adding to the player’s arsenal three of the most powerful and deadliest planes including a Vanguard, a Sparrow X1 and a Triwing Vintage.

All three premium planes are available for use in every single and multiplayer challenge and within any game mode. Now with the DLC pack, players can choose to fly one of eleven modern, state-of-the art planes turned killing machines, each with four different graphical skins. The SkyDrift ‘Extreme Fighters Pack’ is now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 160 Microsoft Points and on PlayStation Network for $1.49.

It’s a really reasonable price, though I foresee some DLC tracks coming – it’s a pretty fun game from what I’ve played of it. It’s like Mario Kart or Blur, but with planes and looks really good.

SkyDrift is a fast paced, arcade-style game that gives players the ultimate racing experience where players will overtake their opponents or shoot down the enemy. Dominate against the deadliest opponents in the most spectacular exotic locations from all around the world. Choosing from 33 racing events on several reversible, living tracks, players will compete against opponents in single player or multiplayer challenges with up to eight players. Rated “E 10+” for Mild Violence by the Entertainment Software Review Board, SkyDrift is now available on PlayStation Network for $14.99 or on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points.


SkyDrift has a release date and is coming sooner than you think

I haven’t heard anything about this game, but Digital Reality (Haegemonia, Extreme Ghostbusters,  Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps) announced today that its upcoming aerial racing game, SkyDrift, is in the PSN and XBLA. SkyDrift is a fast paced, arcade-heavy game that gives players the ultimate racing experience with smooth, light, and quick flight style. With eight modern, state-of-the art planes turned killing machines and over 30 unique racing skins, players will overtake their opponents or shoot down the enemy. Become the last standing maverick of the sky with SkyDrift!

“SkyDrift is more than your typical arcade style racing game,” says Péter Nyester, SkyDrift Producer, Digital Reality. “Our team worked hard to deliver realistic, cutting edge graphics that are visually stunning, which really transform the overall feel of the gameplay. Skydrift combines all the best elements of arcade-heavy games with stimulating graphics and smooth game play – creating the ultimate racing experience.”

Dominate against the deadliest opponents in the most spectacular exotic locations from all around the world. Choosing from 33 racing events on several reversible, living tracks, players will compete against opponents in single player or multiplayer challenges with up to eight players- the possibilities are limited only by your own imagination! Become the master of the sky with challenging achievements, collectable rewards, and tons of tactical power-ups that range from offensive and defensive in nature and can be stacked with other power-ups. The goal is simple: if you can’t overtake them, shoot them down!

SkyDrift will be available on September 7th on PlayStation Network for $14.99 or on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points.