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Space Pirates And Zombies 2 (SPAZ 2) just got announced, and I couldn’t be more delighted

“We’ve just released the announcement combat teaser trailer for Space Pirates and Zombies 2. The two of us have been working on SPAZ 2 in secret for the past 16 months, so we’re really happy you are all getting your first look, and we hope you like it.”

Here’s the important stuff they’re adding:

  • It’s in 3D, using Unity3D!
  • There’s competitive online Multiplayer!
  • There’s split screen Co-op!
  • Better controls, and controller support!
  • Physics everywhere.  Break and throw anything and everything!
  • Procedural modular parts to build and break ships live in battle, like spaceship snap-on Lego!
  • Huge metagame with up to 200 AI fleets forming dynamic factions to fight over resources and territory!
  • Coming out in 2014!… probably.

Space Pirates And Zombies (S.P.A.Z.) Review

I’d be lying if I wasn’t immediately gripped just by seeing the title of this game: Space. Pirates. Zombies. This game hits the nostalgia funny bone hard (as if there was such a thing).

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