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The Cloud

In this modern age of video games, where we’re constantly connected to some sort of online network; whether it be Live, PSN, Steam, etc… why is it that we are still tied to a single console?  I’m sure you’re confused so let me explain, see, I own two Xbox360s and have access to two PS3s.  If I want to play something and continue my progress, I have to go to where the save is located to play or save my game to a flash drive.  Why can’t I just save my game on the Live servers and pull it up on another console whenever and wherever I log in?  Steam has this option for a few games but its not for everything.   Hey, GMail can give me GBs upon GBs of space, so I can’t imagine size can be a real issue here.  Gimme the option already!


In other news, I Pre-Ordered my 3DS  and decided to go with Black.  Honestly though, why can’t Nintendo put out some decent colors for once at launch?  Black, White, Red, and a Medium Dark Blue is all they need and it covers everyone’s bases.  Then you save the wacky colors for special editions.  Yes I’m bitter because they did a metallic teal color instead of a metallic blue.  Oh well, come March 27th, I’ll have $250 less in my bank account and yes a review on the hardware will be forthcoming.