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Cities in Motion Giveaway!

Cities In Motion Box Art

Thanks to Paradox Interactive, we have five copies of the recently released Cities in Motion to give away! This game was reviewed last month on our site, and received a very strong 4.5/5 and our site’s value rating of $17.99 out of $19.99 MSRP. Check out our review here.

To Enter, post a comment below. For fun, post about a city you’d like to see in a traffic simulation game, and what challenges you’d run into when managing that city. Make sure you have a way for us to contact you if you win. Winners will be contacted by e-mail after the contest ends and will be announced. If you win, you can redeem the code through Steam for PC.



0 responses to “Cities in Motion Giveaway!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Solid review and a pretty interesting sounding game. I would love to see the Dc metro area ( it’s a mess) or Pittsburgh because all the bridges and 1-way streets would make the game very interesting.

  2. Rafael Sousa says:

    A very busy city like New York would be perfect, really. Imagine having to sort out all the transportation issues that might pop up on rush hour! That alone would make a pretty decent challenge.


  3. louiedog says:

    I imagine San Francisco would be difficult to manage. The geography is all over the place. Large parts are built on sand and fill. You’ve got to worry about seismic activity. There are ferries, two rail systems, buses, cable cars and some very busy bridges. It could be fun.

    louiedog1987 at live dot com

  4. Nathan Vale says:

    Nice review on it. Now, I’d have to agree with louiedog, I’d see San Francisco difficult to manage.

  5. Axl Surette says:

    Not many games I know of do traffic simulation. Interesting idea, and I love that it’s by Paradox.
    As for a city I’d like to see used in a game like this, I think London would be interesting. Aside from the regular roads and everything they entail (though the road layout is quite different than what I think most North Americans are used to seeing), there’s also the extensive metro stations that need attending to. It’d be an interesting challenge to attempt to manage both the top-side and underside traffic, and keep everything flowing and on-time.

    (Just in case I’m contacted: game_master_27@hotmail.com)

  6. s8man888 says:

    I would say any really big city, because there would be so much traffic to handle, it would be very easy to get overwhelmed.

    Twitter: @s8man888

  7. Masni says:

    I would like to see Tokyo and plenty of high-speed trains


  8. Evan Tubbs says:

    I think Seattle would be sweet. It would be just so fun to create, I know I haven’t seen Seattle in much simulation games. Always seems to be New York or Chicago.

  9. ropes says:

    I would also like to see Tokyo I am a fan of high speed rail and want to see the bullet trains.


  10. Przemek says:

    I imagine capitol of Poland- Warsaw. It reallu busy city, and there is a lot of road constructions, because ours road are in bad shape. There is a lot of stupid drivers ( ;) ) and holes in the road, not many buspases so driving there is horrible and local public transport have a lot of troubles to get everywhere on time. Yeah, that would be really hard job in game :D

  11. tk says:

    A city like Mumbai. The enormous floods of people commuting by rickshaw, car, motorcycle, etc. would be interesting to see — although maybe not exactly fun to manage by the player :)


  12. David says:

    Hm, I would have to choose Tokyo, as some others have. Things could get pretty hectic in an area like that because of so many people being around there. Could be kind of interesting. =P

  13. Alex L. says:

    I would like to see a city slowly develop through a period of time through a train simulation game. There will always be new problems created as the city changes through time.

  14. Jack Tam says:

    Just like everyone, I would like to see TOkyo

  15. Ray J says:

    i would like to see New York though with multiple type of transportations and tons of stuff happening at any given day

  16. KC says:

    New York!!!

  17. Walter Plug says:

    Hey..is it possible for comments to be removed..? I posted a nicely thought out one recently, and it’s not here..this..kinda sucks..

  18. Walter Plug says:

    Argh..wait..apparently, Twitter is having a deleting-tweet issue. I may have it!! D;

    If so, I guess it’s too late anyway. Are there any upcoming contests..? I mean, this really kinda sucks, but crap happens, I guess..