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Mortal Kombat: Exclusive Content for Xbox 360 may involve Avatars

Xbox 360 owners, who are eagerly anticipating Mortal Kombat, have plenty of reasons to be jealous of their PS3 brethren with the early release of the Mortal Kombat demo for PS3 and the reveal of Kratos as a PS3 exclusive character. NeatherRealm Studios, the developers behind Mortal Kombat, have been very cagey about whether or not there will be an exclusive character for the Xbox 360 version, but have dropped hints of the existence of some exclusive content for the 360.

In an Extended version of the Kombat Kontinues trailer (which was recorded off screen at a recent event held by NeatherRealm Studios), the “King of the Hill” online mode was revealed, where up to 8 players relive the Arcade experience with the winner of every fight staying on to fight the next player waiting in line. Here we can see Avatar like characters standing around at the bottom of the screen. While it is not likely that the entire King of the Hill mode will be exclusive to the Xbox 360, the avatar support may be exclusive.

As displayed above, the officially released images of the Mortal Kombat Kollector’s editions for PS3 and Xbox 360 have one difference. The Xbox 360 version makes mention of “Mortal Kombat inspired Avatars” which represent players in the “King of the Hill” mode. The picture of the PS3 Kollector’s edition omits this card, which could mean that Avatar support in King of of the Hill is an Xbox 360 exclusive feature.