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FOLLOW-UP: Call of Duty Elite – what we know from someone who knows

Call Duty Elite Trailer Subscription

Activision’s Social Media guy, or perhaps more appropriately (as of the last 12 hours) – social media punching bag Dan Amrich (OneOfSwords) has gathered his information regarding Call of Duty Elite to set things straight. You can visit his blog by using this simple URL:

The topics that are covered in his blog post are:

– Call of Duty: Elite is a service

– Activision is NOT charging for Call of Duty multiplayer

– Call of Duty: Elite is free for all players, and there will be an optional premium membership

– Premium membership pricing has not been announced

– DLC will be available as part of Elite as well as a standalone download

– COD Elite is NOT going to sell players competitive advantages with microtransactions

– Elite has been in development for two years already

– You can access Elite from many devices

– There is already a OneOfSwords group on COD: Elite.

– There will be a free public beta this summer.

Official Site is now up at:

Call of Duty Elite thumb

Additionally, there is an article he wrote a few months ago that still holds true in addition to this: – if you couldn’t infer what the URL is telling you, he insists and calms every issue of Call of Duty MULTIPLAYER going pay to play, which it’s not in the Elite announcement and no immediate plans to do so. I would have to say Activision does want to make money from you, but also realize most of us have jobs. We already pay for Internet, then the game system we are playing on, then Xbox Live if that applies to you, and finally the. Adding another layer of payment would break the deal for anyone.