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Rapid Angel and Yakiniku Bugyou come to PSN Import Store

MonkeyPaw Games, the studio behind bringing you prior previously only japanese Playstation games, is now bringing ‘Rapid Angel’ and ‘Yakiniku Bugyou’ to the PSN Import Store this week.

RapidAngel PSN 3About Rapid Angel

Rapid Angel is a combination platformer and beat-em-up action game featuring several heroines equipped with exceptional weapon and martial arts skills. The side-scrolling gameplay was one of the first beat-em-up titles of its time to highlight an intuitive control scheme that allowed for blocking attacks. Rapid Angel’s unique anime-style presentation and humorous situations also include voice recordings, which play a key role in the decision making elements of the game. A two-player co-op mode and secret characters help to complement the game’s high replay value.


About Yakiniku Bugyou

YakinikuBugyou PSN 3

One of the only cooking games of its kind, barbeque simulation Yakiniku Bugyou puts you in the shoes of a chef who must satisfy both customer’s hunger and patience. The deep puzzler gameplay will require gamers to strategically place numerous pieces of meat on a grill with different heat levels and carefully flip them to culinary perfection as customers of various tastes and patience await. The game features voice acting to portray emotions of the many patrons that will certainly come hungry. A two-player competitive mode and survival mode also keep the grilling missions fresh and fiery.

Both games will cost $5.99 on the PSN Import Store


Though MonkeyPaw Games just isn’t in the import business. They have some projects lined up for release, like BurgerTime World Tour. If you wish to follow them on the social media networks for more information, Like on Facebook  and Follow them on Twitter.