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Wait, HOW long now?


We're going to be Bro'n it out forever

According to a survey conducted by, during a gamer’s lifespan, they will have played an accumulated 2 years of video games.  That’s kind of nuts if you think about it.  The survey asked 1,452 gamers ranging from 18-40 years of age questions and came up with some basic figures.  The average gamer spends 9.2 hours a week playing some sort of video game, the average age they began to play was 9.1 and according to the sampling, the age of 45 is the cut off point to their gaming ways.  All in all thats 478 hours played which, yes, equates to just under 2 years.

So just to see what my stats looked like I decided to mosey on over the Raptr.

*rolls in squeaky cart with Raptr on top*


My top 11 games by hours played. Obviously not everything as a lot of PS3 games are missing.

And here we go.  Now obviously this is no where near accurate since Raptr only started tracking my game playing back in 2010 but hey, it’s a start.  According to Raptr it has recorded 729 hours of game play since March 6th of 2010.  That’s really only counting Xbox 360 and a few PC games.  There are PC games it has missed and PS3 games it has missed.  Lets not forget Wii and the handhelds as well.

So if we add in an rough estimate of a few hundred hours on the other non recorded platforms and I have definitely played over the average amount in a year according to the survey, which is 478.  So lets say I did 900 hours of gaming a year, for 32 years, that’s 28,800 hours, divide that by 8,760 hours in a year and you get roughly 3.2 years of my life dedicated to playing games.  So maybe this survey wasn’t too far off huh.

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