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Call of Duty Black Ops’ 4th DLC: Rezurrection releases Aug 23rd!

blops rez

Recently (as of yesterday) announced, was the 4th (not labelled as final) DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops, called: Rezurrection. No, none of the text or above graphic is a typo or accident, it’s on purpose. And that purpose is to showcase an all-cooperative DLC focused on Zombies. If you don’t know what Zombies is, it’s a cooperative “campaign” of levels where players join together to hold down a position with boarded up windows and kill waves of zombies and stop them from killing you. Certain levels have overarching goals to help, but the point is to rack up a score and survive as many waves as possible. This mode was originally available in Treyarch’s last game, World At War.

There are five maps that are included with this pack (standard of previous DLC map packs). If you played the aforementioned World At War, you’ll recognize four of the five maps as they are updated for play here: Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese. The fifth and final map of the pack is: Moon (again, no joke) – which sounds amazing. So you can see where the “Rezurrection” title comes in, as they are resurrecting World At War Zombie maps for play. These maps were available if you had the Hardened Edition and input the code. On August 23rd, redownload the map pack and owners of Hardened Edition will get Moon for free.

The Map Pack comes to Xbox 360 on August 23rd. Microsoft has the lead on the exclusivity on Call Of Duty DLC for a few more years. So next month or so we will see the DLC drop for Playstation 3 and PC (Steam). All versions will cost $15 or 1200 Spacebucks on Xbox 360.

Not only our source, but read OneOfSwords’ Dan Amrich’s interview with Jimmy Zelinski, creative lead on Zombies mode, about it all: