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The thing about Amnesia…


…Is that it’s the scariest game you’ll EVER play. First off, any of you who don’t know what Amnesia: The Dark Descent is, let me introduce you:

[responsive_youtube loSzpvq73FY]

Now that we are all acquainted. This is game is the epitome of horror and is what defines scary. The developers, Frictional Games are no stranger to making horror games, as they made the similar horror titles: Penumbra: Overture, Penumbra: Black Plague, and Penumbra: Reqiuem. All of which were cult-successes and allowed them to make Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Amnesia: TDD is a first-person survival horror game (much like Penumbra), but set in the 1800’s with an H.P. Lovecraft style of world at atmosphere. What makes this different from the Silent Hills, Resident Evils, and Dead Space’s of the world? Mainly I believe it’s the lack of empowerment. There are absolutely zero weapons in this game. Should you encounter an enemy, you absolutely must run and hide from it – Or you will go insane and die from mental trauma. Game Over. There are times that in Silent Hill/Resident Evil/Dead Space you feel you can’t overcome the odds or don’t feel well-equipped to handle the onslaught, play Amnesia for the cerebral assault and mind-games that are played on you.

That’s another thing – the audio plays an important role here, solely to fuck with you and try to make you cry as your heartbeat races. I myself am very early on the game. My Steam stats say: 45 MINUTES PLAYED. That’s pretty low considering the game is 5-7 hours long. I encountered my first monster in the game, freaked out (in real life and with the character). *Esc > Save & Quit*. I haven’t gone back since (Steam says: LAST PLAYED: 4/10/2011)I’ve been tempted to go back, to see if I could push myself. Because hey, I’m a grown man as well as no stranger to horror movies – yet this game terrifies me to no end. I know I am in no real danger…or am I?

Regardless of how far I get (or don’t) in the game, Amnesia should at least be played on some level, by people who have a decent PC and want to test their bladder control: Try the Demo or Purchase for yourself.