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Frozen Synapse to be Weekend Deal + Demo


We recently did a review for Frozen Synapse. But what if that wasn’t enough for you? Releasing today, will be the Frozen Synapse demo. The PC demo will include:

– A randomly generated single player Skirmish

– Three specially selected missions from the single player Campaign

*A Mac demo will follow very soon.

“This demo offers a unique opportunity to…oh, who am I kidding?” blurted Mode 7’s spokesnubbin Paul Taylor.   “It’s a *demo*: you download it; you play it; we hope you buy the game thereafter.  What more do you want from me?  My shoes? You want these shoes?”

Now as in the title, Frozen Synapse will be the Steam Weekend Deal at 50% off this weekend (Thursday, 11th August to Monday, 15th August). The deal goes live in 30 minutes (from this post)


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