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What happened? Xbox Rewards: Christmas in August

If you follow me on Twitter, or even Saving Content – you would have seen me discussing a bevy of Microsoft Points deposited into my Live account. Now of course I wasn’t the only one who noticed: Giant Bomb thread and NeoGAF thread also made note of it. Word spread quickly. Now myself, I saw this as an error on Microsoft’s part – and in all honesty, took advantage (like everyone else) before they noticed their mistake. Before the deposits, I had 21 Microsoft Points in my account (don’t ask about the odd amount, lots of transactions at random values). By mid-morning yesterday I had a total 1581, a deposit of 1560. So basically it was like “Christmas in August”, getting tons of points to spend on games, DLC, or avatar gear. I checked my Microsoft Billing Account ( and it looked like this:


Not my account (Courtesy of NeoGAF thread linked above)


This morning I had the chance to interview Chris (^CB) from @XboxSupport regarding yesterday’s events:

So there you have it. Now hopefully you were lucky enough to walk away with some prizes from this. Me? I came away with Fruit Ninja Kinect and DiRT 3 DLC.

Now, if you aren’t a Rewards member, you should be: Lastly, if you’re on Twitter – you should follow these guys, they will help in anyway they can and answer questions to the best of their ability. Or point you in the right direction.