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Trials Evolution playable at Gamescom & PAX

Trials Evolution E3 Screenshot 2

The last time we saw anything on Trials Evolution, it was E3 and we only got a glipse of the action. Now more information has been released and those of you attending either Gamescom or PAX, will be able to get your hands on it for yourself!

Key features of Trials Evolution 

  • – Multiplayer – both local and online
  • – Challenging but balanced single player game
  • – Outdoor environments and curved driving line
  • – Full-featured track editor
  • – Global track sharing
  • – Bike and rider customizations

The special preview builds that will be shown are only a taste of the entire offering yet to come.

“This is the biggest game RedLynx has ever done, and one of the most ambitious downloadable console games ever,” said Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx. “The things that can be done with just the editor will astound long-time fans of the series. I can’t wait to see what the community will be able to create!”

In addition to presenting Trials Evolution at Gamescom, Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo will also appear at the Xbox VIP Community panel on Wednesday, August 17 at 15:30 in the afternoon.

Trials Evolution in partnership with KX energy drink

RedLynx is proud to announce that Trials Evolution has partnered with KX energy drink.  KX is currently involved with the KX Urban Thrills Tour, an adrenaline-fueled trials bike experience featuring 6 of the UK’s top trials bike riders. More on the KX Urban Thrills Tour can be found on their Facebook page:

As part of the sponsorship, gamers will enjoy special KX energy drink themed objects and customizations in the full release of Trials Evolution.  RedLynx is very excited to be partnering with a brand that shares the same passion for Trials, as well as the same sense of fun.


All of this is shaping to be very exciting. Here is the E3 trailer.