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Summer of Raptr ending soon

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Well we are in the last full week to earn $25,000 in prizes from Raptr in the first Summer of Raptr promotion.

Raptr is already a great platform for tracking stats, achievements and making more friends. But it’s recent addition for user news to be posted has allowed for us to have our own topic page: We post news there and require YOU to vote us up to help us out. Additionally you can post our news and tag Saving Content for more exposure and it will appear on our topic page.

Now off of our peddling, THE CONTEST! So if you follow 10 of more topics (games, companies, etc), you effectively double your chances of winning the grand prize: the top 20 games of E3, a Wii U, 3DS and PS Vita:

Now if this wasn’t enough, Raptr is going to be running another mini-contest called the Side Quest Promo, where they’re giving away certain prizes like PAX swag and gaming gear for following certain topics: