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UPDATE: PC GAMING IS NOT DEAD teaser reveals Razer Gaming Laptop


UPDATE: Well the date and time reached it’s countdown and we were redirected to: when visiting the site, revealing Razer’s new gaming laptop – the Blade for $2800. Remember the part where I said Razer was solid? Not anymore, this is a huge disappointment and insult. Gaming laptops are fine, but this wasn’t the movement I was looking for. The text on the site proclaimed “we are tired of shoddy console ports” – well a gaming laptop is not going to fix that. Maybe next time Razer

Something is happening on 08.26.2011 according to the website: We’ll see what happens in just two days. Razer is pretty solid with the hardware they produce though. Starting a movement against “shoddy console ports” and return to an era where PC gaming is in top-form. You can sign-up on the website to receive emails (presumably post-launch) about “PC Gaming is Not Dead”.