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Metal Gear: Rising will not be at TGS, Peace Walker HD to have Co-Op

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In the latest Kojima Productions Podcast, there was a lot of discussion about upcoming Metal Gear Solid projects. The biggest news being that, just as was the case at E3, Metal Gear Solid Rising will not be at TGS 2011. Sean Eyestone, Assistant Producer at Kojima Productions, said the following:

It has been a long time since we’ve released any information on Rising, so its a fair question, for sure. But we’ve just made the decision from a production standpoint that right now our time is best spent actually creating the game rather than preparing a trailer or creating a one-off for an event.

The development of Rising was already heavily rumoured to be in trouble before it no-showed at E3 2011, so this could be a cause of concern for people looking forward to the game.

Also in the podcast, some details for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection were clarified:

– Metal Gear 1 (1987) and Metal Gear 2 (1990) will be included in the Collection. These versions will be the same ones that were included in Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, which had updated graphics and dialog to fit in better with the storyline of the Solid games in the series.

– Metal Gear Solid 2 HD will be based on Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance which included VR Missions and extra side missions called Snake Tales. Metal Gear Solid 3 HD will be based on Metal Gear Solid: Subsistence which included a 3D camera.

– Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD will have Co-op play as it did in the PSP version.

– The original plan was to present the cutscenes in Super-widescreen mode which would show more of the scene. However, there has been much feedback from fans who want to see the cutscenes be presented in the Original Aspect Ratio of 16:9. Kojima Productions are considering changing back to the Original Aspect Ratio and are asking for feedback about this issue. If they do decide to go with the Super-widescreen mode for cutscenes, they’ll make sure that the Cinematography is not compromised.

– All 3 games in the Collection will be running at 60 Frames Per Second.

– In response to those who are questioning the visual quality of the HD Collection, Eyestone said that the Collection is intended to be an HD Remaster and not a Remake. Its not expected to look as good as Metal Gear Solid 4 does. They just want to preserve the original experience and present it in the best way possible.

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