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Fate of the World: Tipping Point Launches


We reviewed the original Fate of the World back in March. Now the game is back and better than ever.

The global economy is headed toward collapse, revolutions are breaking out across the Middle East, famine is ravaging Africa and the world is approaching a peak oil crisis.  No, these are not headlines ripped from the news; these are the challenges facing Windows and Mac gamers in Fate of the World: Tipping Point from Red Redemption.

This next entry into Red Redemption’s Fate of the World series is a hardcore strategy game that puts players in hypothetical situations within a realistic world, with threatening scenarios based on the latest science and modeling technologies covering the next two centuries.  Players must balancing economic, political and environmental needs in order to save the world (or destroy it).  

The game’s engine recreates the incredibly complicated interactions and unanticipated consequences caused as players make governmental policy changes to address major tipping points (such as the collapse of the Antarctic ice shelf).  As global crises spread, players have to decide what is worth saving and what is an acceptable sacrifice.

“Most gamers might think, ‘Oh, I can just switch to electric cars, get rid of fossil fuels and make everyone a vegan’ and that will make me win.  The real world doesn’t work that way and neither will that let you conquer our game,” said Ian Roberts, Creative Director, Red Redemption.  “Switch land use to growing biofuels and you may start a famine.  Drastically reduce fossil fuel use in favor of solar and you can drive economies into depressions.  There are no perfect solutions in Tipping Point to address things like global warming.” 

Tipping Point incorporates all the elements of the original game and adds new features, missions, achievements and UI enhancements.  Major new additions include:

  • Easy Game Mode – Saving the world seem impossible?  Easy mode makes it merely improbable
  • New Cards – Brings an even bigger arsenal of actions that players can take to change political, social, technology, energy and environmental policies
  • The Flood – Wars and famine force millions of refugees to flee their native lands.  How will you deal with this mass migration?
  • Denial  Think the world would be easy to manage if people in industrial nations believe in/complain about climate change?  Think again.
  • Supporting Materials Pack – Designer notes and music

Fate of the World: Tipping Point is available on Steam and at launch for $18.99.  Steam is running a special 20 percent sale during launch week.