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Gaslight – FREE and Available Now on the App Store and Android Market

PixoFactor Entertainment, an interactive content development studio creating cross platform video games, mobile apps, and online social experiences, announced today the launch of its latest app game, Gaslight.


Available now for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices, Gaslight is set in the warring Steampunk world of Eastland, where The Coalition and The Underground are in constant war over natural resources. Players will be captivated by the detailed Gaslight world, where city-building simulations are combined with tactical combat gameplay and online social components. Build up your empire and take your army to war with strategic advancements in Gaslight. Perfect for all audiences, this title is guaranteed to appeal to all game enthusiasts.

“Gaslight is one of those great casual/mobile games you can pick up and play anywhere – at home, on the subway, or anytime you have the urge to pass the time. It’s a stellar game that will immerse you and keep you playing for hours on end,” said Sergio Bustamante II, executive producer and vice president of PixoFactor Entertainment. “You can fight in the battle mode as either The Coalition or The Underground in the graphically detailed Gaslight universe, building up your army and conquering your way throughout the game. It’s explosive and fun.”

Gaslight Gameplay Features Include:

  • Build Your City: Assemble and maintain your civilization, advance its technology, and prepare your armies for battle.
  • Battle Enemy Armies: Engage in war with troops by strategically controlling your military, using powerful booster technology to improve and advance your army.
  • Manage Resources: Æther is used to build and upgrade technology; Gold is used to maintain the city and pay the army; Population growth measures how advanced and evolved your city has become.
  • Earn Free Stuff: Fuel your resources by earning free virtual goods via in-game opportunities through Tapjoy, the immensely popular value exchange social and mobile network.