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Tiny Toots now out for iOS

Tradewest Digital Ltd. is proud to toot its own horn as Tiny Toots, its long-awaited slide-and-fly game for iOS, arrives in the App Store today. Tiny Toots brings a bean-loving dinosaur named Houston to a land full of rolling hills and tasty legumes with an evil doctor on his tail and a rumble in his belly.

Tiny Toots backs the lovable dino with awesome physics and super-easy accessible and fast-paced gameplay that shoots Houston across lots of colorful worlds of farts and doctor-avoiding action.

In addition to ample quantities of fart-powered excitement, players will enjoy the challenge of trying to win four different cups–stone, bronze, silver, and gold–for accomplishing the wide varietyof exciting in-game achievements.

Players can also race against themselves in Ghost Mode, party their way to high scores in the exciting and score-multiplying Disco Mode, soar high into the sky with the fart-boosting double jump, deal with changing weather conditions across the maps, and much more.

And there’s more: The developer is currently preparing a series of exciting updates for Tiny Toots. Stay tuned!

Tiny Toots is now available in the App Store for $0.99. You can find it here:

What is Tiny Toots?

Tiny Toots  is the slide & fly game of 2012. Help Houston, a little dino with ‘digestive problems’, fill his stomach with yummy beans and to run away from Dr. Beanstalk, who is chasing him relentlessly in his rescue helicopter to bring him back to the dino farm.


★ SUPER-ADDICTIVE: Intuitive and fascinating one button action game which will make you want to play for hours and hours

★ EYE-CANDY: Tiny Toots is features mind-boggling retina graphics
★ GHOST MODE: Race against yourself!

★ DOUBLE JUMP: Have the competitive advantage with the all handy ‘whoopee cushion’ special boost

★ CHILL OUT: Enjoy fantastic, colorful islands with cool weather effects

★ PARTY ON: Get your groove on in disco mode

★ WIN 4 great trophies – each for extra point multipliers

★ FREQUENT FARTER PROGRAM: Lots of challenging achievements in OpenFeint