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Wheels of Destruction – Scout class reveal


Does ripping a car into metal sinew and carnage sound like a blast to you? If so, then please direct your attention to the Scout in the upcoming PlayStation®Network title, Wheels of Destruction. As one of five dynamic vehicle classes, the Scout stands as the fastest, most unforgiving infiltrator in the bunch.  An absolute must for Capture the Flag, the Scout is the “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” class that knocks your opponents out and takes off before they know what just hit them.


The Scout is just one of five vehicular predators we’ll be showing off over the coming weeks. He’s a force not to take lightly, but there are plenty to come.

Wheels of Destruction pits players in an arena of demolish-or-be-demolished competition of extreme four-wheel wreckage. Five distinct car classes make for deadly cutthroat car combat with a unique futuristic aesthetic – all powered by the Unreal Engine. Wheels of Destruction brings gamers together just to tear them apart again in an addictive, easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master, battle behind the wheel. Just make sure you’re ready for chaos and carnage!