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Raptr Launches New Gaming Rep System and Rewards Program


Users earn ranks by playing games, which will unlock exclusive site features as well as real rewards from retail and game partners. With the launch of the new reputation system, Raptr profiles now reflect a complete picture of a user’s gaming persona, interests, expertise, and achievements. The new features are now live at

“Earning ranks gains more than simple bragging rights,” said Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr. “Our goal is to leverage a user’s gaming persona to make their experience better, via giving them an outlet to show off their accomplishments, discover more relevant content, or earn rewards simply for playing games.”

The new gaming rep system allows users to earn ranks, starting as a “Newbie” and advancing all the way to “Elite” if they are in the top percentile in time played, achievements unlocked and more. Raptr also uses a gamer’s rep to deliver more relevant content to the user based on their rank, progress and recency of activity in a game. For instance, a gamer who is ranked a “Newbie” in a game is likely to see such content as strategy guides and FAQs, while an “Elite” may see the best community-curated Machinima videos. Future Raptr features will also leverage a user’s gaming rep in a similar fashion.

Raptr’s new gaming rep system introduces these features:

• New, dynamic user profiles, interactive charts, and genre maps

• A percentile-based ranking system that tracks a user’s hours and achievements and compares them with the rest of the community.  The ranks are as follows: Newbie –> Amateur –> Experienced –> Dedicated –> Hardcore –> Elite

• Social leaderboards to see how a user stacks up against friends

• Highly targeted and personalized news feed that delivers relevant content based on a user’s game collection, rank, most recent activity, and progress in a game

• Real rewards as users rank up in the games they play

More details about the Raptr Rewards Program will be announced in the coming months. To learn more about Raptr, please visit