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Tribes Ascend Beta brings Badges, new Perks, and new Maps

Tribes Beta Dossiers

A hefty update has come to the Open Beta of Tribes Ascend. The Free-to-Play multiplayer FPS has seen it’s share of updates through 2011 and now into 2012. I even wrote a hefty Preview on Tribes Ascend.  The versioning is incremental, but with each update they add substantial things to the game that blends the nostalgia of the old game with the look and feel of modern games and progression.


Major Highlights:

  • • Badges are now awarded as you achieve certain milestones inside of the game. Each badge has multiple ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Obisidian). You earn bonus XP each time you rank up a badge. You may view available and earned badges, as well as other stats, through the PROFILE menu. Note that this system is still a work in progress, and some items are not yet fully complete. In addition, some bugs and issues should be expected.
  • • Two new perks have been added – Rage and Sonic Punch. See patch notes for more information.
  • • A new Team Deathmatch map has been added (Outskirts).
  • • A variety of other bug fixes and features have been added (see patch notes).

Full Patch Notes here: