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Wheels of Destruction – Assassin class reveal

Get in. Get out. The competition doesn’t stand a chance. Unlike the rest, the Assassin is in a class of its own, sniping prey by the dozens before others can line up their shots. No class can compete with the blazingly fast firing rate of the Assassin. Obviously, this is quite an upper hand when taking quick pot shots at your friends online. Of the three announced classes, it’s up to players to make the choice between the speedster Scout, the tough guy Heavy or the quick-draw Assassin, with two more classes yet to be announced.


The Assassin is just one of five vehicular predators found in Wheels of Destruction. Stay tuned for the final two classes.

Wheels of Destruction pits players in an arena of demolish-or-be-demolished competition. Five distinct classes make for deadly cutthroat vehicle combat with a unique futuristic aesthetic – all powered by the Unreal Engine. Wheels of Destruction brings gamers together just to tear them apart in an addictive, easy-to-learn but hard-to-master battle behind the wheel. Just make sure you’re ready for chaos and carnage!


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