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Machinarium Hits for Just $9.99


If you love imaginative games, unique visuals and point-and-click adventures, you should pretty much go completely bonkers for Machinarium.

As part of’s renewed mission to bring the best “newer” games — and awesome indie titles — to its catalogue, Machinarium is now available for just $9.99. As always, DRM-free and for the same price worldwide. Get it here.

Honored with numerous prestigious gaming awards such as “Excellence in Visual Art” (Independent Games Festival) and Best Soundtrack (PC Gamer in 2009).

A classic point ‘n’ click gameplay with a modern flavor revitalizes the adventure genre in exciting ways.

Beautiful and enchanting soundtrack that melds classical and futuristic tunes memorably.

Developer: Amanita Design

Price: $9.99

Bonus Materials: 8 wallpapers, soundtrack, 8 avatars, behind the scenes images, 22 artworks, 114 design sketches

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