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The Final Wheels of Destruction Class – The Engineer

They say that knowledge is power, and in Wheels of Destruction, the Engineer lives and dies by this core belief. Equipped with an advanced sonar device, taking shots from a distance is a breeze. Before enemies can even get a read on the Engineer, this class has a lock-on achieved and a kill shot fired. Assisting this intelligence specialist, the Engineer has some of the best handling in the game. While the vehicle may not be that beefy, quick to fire or fast around the corners, its strategic advancements set it apart from the rest.


Are you ready for Wheels of Destruction? As the final class, the Engineer is one of five powerful and unique vehices taking to the arena in the best digital car combat game of 2012. Wheels of Destruction launches on April 3rd, exclusively on PlayStation Network.


Wheels of Destruction pits players in an arena of demolish-or-be-demolished competition. Five distinct classes make for deadly cutthroat vehicle combat with a unique futuristic aesthetic – all powered by the Unreal Engine. Wheels of Destruction brings gamers together just to tear them apart in an addictive, easy-to-learn but hard-to-master battle behind the wheel. Just make sure you’re ready for chaos and carnage!