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Trendy Entertainment offering $1000 for Dungeon Defenders Mapmaker Contest

Trendy Entertainment is proud to announce the first ever Dungeon Defenders mapping contest! Savvy creators are in for a treat, as the winning map will be bought from the designer for $1,000 dollars, and the map will be introduced as an official Dungeon Defenders map with the creator(s) credited for their work. Not only that, but runners-up will get some crazy awesome loot and cash prizes too.

For the complete breakdown of rules, submission process, prizes and further information, click HERE. Otherwise, here’s the quickie breakdown:

The rules are quite simple!

  1. Maps should be traditional Tower Defense, supporting 4-6 Heroes. Use of special mechanics like fans and magic carpets is fine. Boss fights are also allowed.
  2. Use of custom materials is allowed.
  3. Collaborations are allowed. Multiple authors can pool their talents on a single submission, and split any prizes that may be awarded. However, only 1 map per author is allowed.
  4. Maps created prior to the start of this contest are ineligible.
  5. Do your best to make the map actually work. You will not be disqualified if the map contains errors. I.e. a particular monster spawn is broken, last wave doesn’t end properly, whatever. However, you will suffer a small penalty in the scoring process.
  6. Entries must be submitted no later than June 21 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Maps will be judged by a popular and judge vote based on Balance, Originality, Detailing, and Optimization. For a breakdown of these categories, go HERE.

So, what can fearless defenders hope to win?

1st place: Map inclusion into Dungeon Defenders Ranked & Open mode, $1,000 prize and a DunDef prize pack (TBD)
2nd place: $500 and a DunDef prize pack (TBD)
3rd place: $250 and a DunDef prize pack (TBD)
4th place: DunDef prize pack (TBD)

To get started, download Dungeon Defenders and the Dungeon Defenders Development Kit from Steam. Good luck Defenders!

Buy Dungeon Defenders: HERE
Download the Dungeon Defenders Development Kit: HERE
Browse DDDK Tutorials: HERE