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Rise of the Triad Pre-PAX Blowout: Time-Lapse Level Creation Video, New Screenshots and Developer Blog Launch

Rise of the Triad is shaping up to be full of enthusiasm and detail.

The developer blog just launched, and in the first entry, Interceptor’s CEO and Game Director Frederik Schreiber tells you all about the way we’re making levels that will not only be a lot of fun for today’s discerning gamer, but won’t piss off fans of the original ROTT. In other words, how the team is recreating and reimagining the original’s levels with fancy new graphics.

Watch Frederik create part of level E2L2, aka “The Room”, in this great time-lapse video:


If you’re worried that we’re turning ROTT into some on-rails, boring modern-day shooter, please allow us to kick those fears squarely in the junk.


Terry Nagy, Apogee’s chief creative officer, said, “Some have asked why we chose an unproven team for the reboot of Rise of the Triad. Well, I say if you’re not willing to take risks on the potential of talent, then you will settle for the ordinary. I didn’t want to settle, and after seeing what Interceptor was capable of and their passion for this franchise, I knew we’d made the right choice. I remember when Apogee took a risk on another new team once, the result was id Software.”

Screenshots including some behind-the-scenes views of in-development levels before they get their fancy texturing and lighting pass.

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