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GetGames announced that today you “Get Loaded” with 2 games for $15


Get Games today announced “Get Loaded” today – a killer new sale program for PC digital gamers everywhere. Get Loaded allows gamers the chance to select from a range of fantastic games at a set, discounted price and create a massive saving for themselves.

Get Loaded will be releasing a collection of games each month from which gamers can make their choice of the combination they want. “What each collection will have in common will be great games. We’re a bunch of gamers ourselves,” offered Nick Marshall, Get Games Uber Intern. “We aim to make Get Loaded a regular event combining high quality games and great savings.”

The offers will be time limited with the first one running now through Monday. This time out gamers can choose from the delights of the Serious Sam 3 Seriously Digital Edition, Deus EX Human Revolution Augmented Edition, Red Orchestra 2 GOTY Edition and Dungeon Siege III + Treasures of the Sun Pack for $15.

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