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Which version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD should you buy?

Well, first and foremost the answer lies with your own personal preference. If you’re on the fence on this and own more than one platform, this might guide you to see what there is. I found the XBLA and PSN versions to be identical except for the hardware controller layout. Performance and bugs persisted between both versions alongside the wonky physics that occur. The PC version, is a beast all its own. It’s just a matter if you can deal without multiplayer for a lower price and edit settings via an INI file (like I did) to get the best looking, and best performing version in the bunch.

Does price outweigh multiplayer? Do you have a controller preference? I have played all three versions and this is how they stack up against each other. Read the reviews for more detailed comparisons.

[table caption=”Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Release Comparison”]



Controls:,Xbox 360 Gamepad,DualShock Controller,Keyboard or Gamepad

Release Date:, July 28th 2012, August 18th 2012, September 18th 2012




Sound Options:,,,

Graphics Options:,N/A,N/A,

No Framerate Issues:,,,

Patched Since Release:,,,

THPS3 DLC Released:,,,