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Dark Vale Games’ Forge is Selected for Distribution via Steam thanks to Greenlight

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Dark Vale Games, an independent video game developer based in Southern California, is proud to confirm that FORGE, the upcoming PC multiplayer title that plays like an action-shooter — but featuring MMO-style abilities — will be available worldwide through Steam after being selected through Steam Greenlight.  FORGE beat out thousands of other game submissions in the Greenlight program, earning the votes of the massive Steam user community to finish among the Top Ten of the most recently approved titles.  FORGE will be available for pre-order on Steam soon.

Steam Greenlight is a new platform feature that enlists the community’s help in selecting some of the next games to be released on Steam. Launched on August 30, Greenlight allows developers and publishers to post information and media about their game in an effort to convince Community members that their game should be released on Steam.

“Being selected for Steam Greenlight – and especially knowing we were in the Top Ten amongst thousands of competing titles – is further validation of the vision our dedicated team at Dark Vale Games had for creating a truly unique and competitive PC multiplayer game,”  said Tim Alvis, COO/CTO of Dark Vale Games.  “As a small, independent developer it’s a great advantage to have the worldwide influence of a publishing system like Steam and our game is a perfect fit for the experienced and fervent PC gaming community that resides there.  We can’t wait to get to launch!”

FORGE is currently in Closed Beta with formal release due later this Fall.  More than 20,000 players are currently enjoying the Unreal Engine 3.0-powered arenas before the game even goes final.  The closed Beta is open only to those who have pre-ordered the title and will run from now through November.  Players who pre-order the game through Steam when the product page goes live will also gain immediate access to the closed Beta.  Additionally, players who simply register with the game’s Web site at will receive a 14-day free trial period within the Beta.