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GamrRank Teams With Xfire, Adds Meta-Achievements and More

GamrRank Adds Xfire

We are excited to announce that we have just teamed up with Xfire, the world’s leading social experience for PC gamers, which allows you to connect with friends directly in-game across more than 2,800 titles. Xfire also tracks all of your in-game hours, screenshots and videos – the perfect ingredients for a killer GamrRank score!

If you haven’t already, download the Xfire client for PC and add it to your GamrRank profile to rank up. It’s free and easy to install and integrate, so get started now!

This is great news for League of Legends and Minecraft fans, as we will now use Xfire data to push up your GamrRank. There are other advantages to Xfire such as the ease of sharing screenshots, video and chatting with friends of those games.

Challenges and Medals Make Gaming Even More Fun

Are you up for a real Challenge? We have just launched a brand new section of GamrRank called Challenges, designed for the achievement hounds out there. Our first feature release for this section will be Medals. Medals are “meta” achievements/trophies across the top of a game or multiple games, and therefore will combine some form of Play and or Say. When you fulfil the requirements of any particular Medal, the Medal will be unlocked into your GamrRank profile and can be shown off to the world.

Medals are there as a way to show off your gaming skills in addition to adding value to your rank. With a Medal in hand you can claim top spot amongst your favourite franchises and be counted high in your gaming communities, clans and friends! Each GamrRank Medal reflects something a little different about you as a gamer but all of them add to your GamrRank.

Perfect every race across the Forza series or get respect from 1000 people, or check out all sorts of other Challenges to see how else you can earn Medals.

We want to hear from you on what type of Medals you want to see, so fill in our handy little form to get your Medals in; you never know – your name might be up in lights!

Don’t have an invite to the Beta? Request one!