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Elemental: Fallen Enchantress is now available

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Stardock announced today that the long-awaited fantasy strategy PC game, Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, is now available. Fallen Enchantress offers players an immersive new world to build or destroy as they try to conquer the land and its inhabitants. Enter the world of Elemental and create a sovereign with unique talents and abilities along with a faction to align yourself with in an effort to bring the world under your control.

The land is not simply waiting to be claimed, it must be conquered. The lands of Elemental are teeming with monsters, bandits and ancient creatures who will not willingly give up their hold on the world.  In addition, other factions are pursuing the same agenda at the same time raising the stakes.

Highlights include:

  • A new game every time. Players can choose the world conditions and have a world randomly generated with randomized opponents, monsters and quests.
  • Unique factions to play with or against. Each faction has its own special units, abilities and powers that require different strategies to achieve victory – or to resist against.
  • Massive scale. Players can zoom in and see individuals working in their cities or zoom out to see the known world presented in a real-time cloth map in one smooth transition.
  • Computer players that get better the more you play. The multi-core AI makes use of the character, factions and units players create in previous games.
  • Custom Scenarios. In addition to the epic sandbox game, Fallen Enchantress also supports custom scenarios. The game includes the scenario “The Fallen Enchantress” to introduce players to the backstory.
  • A strategy game in an RPG world. Fallen Enchantress introduces elements normally found in role playing games such as quests, loot drops, moral dilemmas, unit customization and much more.
  • Unique Locations. The world generator will randomly place one of several unique areas that contain special resources to use. These “Wild Lands” have their own powerful guardians who must first be defeated before the treasures within can be exploited.
  • Multiple paths to victory. Players can win through diplomacy, questing, sorcery, or good old fashioned military conquest.
  • An interactive tutorial. To introduce new players to the world of “4X” strategy games, Fallen Enchantress includes an in-depth tutorial to ease players into the Elemental world.
  • Advanced modding tools. The game ships with a rich array of modding tools including a map editor, tile editor and particle editor to provide players with the means to create new races, quests, spells and scenarios which can be easily shared with other players.
  • All-star development team. Fallen Enchantress reunites Stardock’s Galactic Civilizations team and is designed by Derek Paxton, the author of the acclaimed Civilization IV mod “Fall From Heaven”. The Fallen Enchantress scenario was created by the Civilization V designer, Jon Shafer, and the lore, backstories, and dialog were written by fantasy author Dave Stern.

Fallen Enchantress is $39.99 new and free for those who purchased War of Magic in 2010.

It is available direct from its home page ( as well as on Steam, GameStop, GamersGate and elsewhere.

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