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Battlefield Heroes celebrates Halloween

Pumpkin Zombie

Get ready for the fear of the year starting this Friday, October 19th! This Halloween season, EASY Studios will be unleashing a fiendish collection of dark weapons, ghoulish costumes and horrifying new pets for its leading browser-based Play4Free title, Battlefield Heroes. With more than 7 million registered users, Battlefield Heroes offers intense, fast-paced shooter action.

Become a soldier of the damned with one of the six new Halloween-inspired costumes and two new shoulder pets. And be sure to equip yourself with at least one of the eight new demonic weapons including the Arcus Root bow, the Underworld Relic that summons evil spirits and the Doom Skull – a rocket launcher that fires flaming skulls. We’re not talking weapon re-skins here! These are brand new additions to the Battlefield Heroes armory that will make a significant impact on your strategies in the field.
Be on the look-out for a special mission to those who rent one of the two new rocket launchers (the Jack-o’-buster and Doom Skull). From October 19th to the 31st, if you’re skillful enough to rack up 500 kills, the rocket launcher will become a part of your arsenal permanently!