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DUST 514 Double XP Event – New Build Info & Screens

sniper night

Recently, CCP launched the latest version of the game, Codex. If you’re not familiar, this newest update features a significant amount of enhancements and improvements to DUST. CCP has constantly been gathering feedback from beta players and implementing that into each major update to the beta. Some of the newest updates in Codex include:

  • Corporations: Just like in EVE Online players can join forces to communicate, strategize and eliminate opposing squads by joining and forming corporations in DUST 514
  • Female avatars: The variety of mercenary increases as the ability to create a female mercenary is added to the DUST 514 beta.
  • New Weapons: The expansive list of weapons and their abilities increases with the Codex update. Buffs to existing weapons are joined by new melee weapons and lethal new guns.
  • Skills:  Earn and accrue skill points in battle to improve advantage on the battlefield.
  • Environments: The battlegrounds of DUST 514 are now as diverse as planets in New Eden.

Additionally this weekend all players that log in and play DUST 514 will earn Double Skill Points (SP) from their battles. Every battle from now through November 8 will award twice the SP, making player’s skills skyrocket the more they take part in beta hostilities. The DUST 514 beta is online 23/7, so log on and jump into battle.

[box_light]DUST 514 is currently in closed beta, exclusively on PlayStation 3. For more information or to sign up for the beta, visit and follow the game on Facebook ( and Twitter (@dust514).[/box_light]