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Gemini Wars Multiplayer and Skirmish Update Available Now

Iceberg Interactive is proud to announce the 4x real-time strategy game Gemini Wars is available today on Steam. After the initial boxed release of its single-player campaign this summer, developer Camel101 updated its game with free Skirmish and Multiplayer modes included in the newly priced version. Gemini Wars can now be purchased on Steam with a 20% launch discount for $15.99 for both Windows PC and Mac.

“Created by a team of science fiction and strategy fans, Gemini Wars is the product of hard work and a lot of passion,” said CEO Bruno Cesteiro, Camel101. “As a small indie developer, it’s with great excitement that we see Gemini Wars coming to Steam, which has now extended gameplay, thanks to the skirmish and multiplayer modes.”

Gemini Wars Game Features:

  • Three unique factions, with different units and strategies.
  • Sixteen epic single-player missions.
  • Skirmish and Multiplayer game modes provide endless re-playability.
  • Players will control fleets of starships, space stations, and planetary bases.
  • Cinematic battle camera and CGI cinematics during the campaign.
  • Research trees lead to powerful units and upgrades.
  • Planetary colonization, planetary invasion, and boarding actions.
  • Battles take place across the galaxy in multiple star systems.Unique gameplay provides a refreshing twist to the 4x RTS genre.
  • Increased gameplay speed.
  • Many minor fixes based on player feedback.

Get in on the war between the United Space Federation and the Alliance of Free Worlds in Gemini Wars. A bloody conflict that seems to have reached a stalemate is about to change when a third faction unexpectedly appears. Players take control of a fleet commander who returns from exile, rises through the ranks of the United Space Federation forces, and joins an epic war across the stars. Players can build space stations and fortify their positions, build up fleets, and engage in this amazing real-time strategy game.

The Multiplayer and Skirmish updates are available now and free to previous owners of the game, and the full updated game is available for Windows PC and Mac through Steam for $19.99. Gemini Wars is rated E 10+ by the ESRB. For media interested in a review code, please email Danitra Alomia, For more information on Gemini Wars,please visit: or