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Mania News: TrackMania² Valley Announced

Some of you have waited for it for a while, and we’re now happy to announce the coming of TrackMania² Valley in ManiaPlanet in 2013!



The third game of the TrackMania² series is taking place in a lush valley with a rally gameplay. Reaching a level of detail never achieved on a TrackMania game, the valley environment will blow you away at first glance. The challenging gameplay will offer you hours and hours of fun, trying to shave milliseconds out of every thight corner. Precision and control are key on this playground. Drifting is a last resort and will make you lose time.

  • Best looking TM² to date: Whatever your PC is, the Valley will be gorgeous. Better details and lighting, for a top looking racing ground.
  • Technical driving: Realistic and unforgiving, the Valley gameplay is challenging and will reward your precision and dedication.
  • Experience ManiaPlanet 2.0: ManiaPlanet has changed alot since the release of TrackMania² Canyon, and there is much more to it now! With tools to create your tournaments, your team and more, you are more in control than ever before. Between creation and competition, everybody will find a new cutting edge experience.
  • Ultimate online servers and tournaments offer: Up to 200 players can challenge each other at once on the same track! With the new official competitive ranking and team recognition, you can aim at being champion of you favorite competition.