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Endless Space receives its Second Free Update: “Echoes of the Endless”

Developer Amplitude Studios and publisher Iceberg Interactive have announced today the launch of the second free add-on, Echoes of the Endless, for their acclaimed 4x strategy game Endless Space.

To celebrate this free content update, Amplitude Studios is announcing several gamer-oriented events and price drops. First, the Steam free weekend runs from today November 29, until Monday, December 3; second is a special Community Event; and third is a 50% discount off the retail price. Throughout the free Steam weekend, as more unique gamers play the game, special rewards will be unlocked. There are six hidden rewards, with the final reward being the Automaton Ship Models. More information about the Community Event can be found here.

Background Story for the Echoes of the Endless add-on:

“…Like an earthquake or a tidal wave, like a birth or a blossoming, something has awakened the ancient infrastructures of the Endless. Empty planets now show signs of Endless technology, which seems to be rebooting itself in response to a strange signal that is propagating across the galaxy — a signal from the system where we last saw Jana Kryv, almost two years ago. Systems that slept for centuries are coming back on line, and many things are not what they appear to be. What we thought were rocks may be bases, what we thought were wrecks may be viable ships.

But we must walk cautiously among the relics of the Endless; though we seek to pierce their mysteries we are not yet on a level with their knowledge. We must travel farther, think harder, and work faster than ever before. It is more than our holy mission that is at risk now; it is the shape and the future of the galaxy as we know it…”

– Excerpt from a speech by Kamau Savasbat, Patriarch, A.B. 112


Features of the Echoes of the Endless add-on:

Echoes of the Endless will bring more immersion to the game through features chosen by the community via GAMES2GETHER votes. They include:

  • Exploration Rewards
  • Interactive Random Events
  • Natural and Endless Wonders
  • More life on the Galaxy Map (Comets, Black Holes, Pulsars, etc.)

This add-on will also include features to add atmosphere to the game such as:

  • Victory and Defeat End Game illustrations
  • Narrative Responses in Diplomacy
  • Five New Music Tracks

Echoes of the Endless also adds:

  • Five New Heroes
  • Sentry Mode to available fleet actions
  • Auto-Cycle button to enable the review of all fleets without orders
  • Galaxy Generation Seed Number displayed in the pause menu
  • Refactored Hero Ability Trees

The Multiplayer experience has been improved with:

  • Steam “Regional” Parameter set to “Worldwide”
  • Less game disconnections related to the Steam servers
  • Enhanced Game Lobby (shows all active games and specific version info, MODs included)