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Champion Select app allows you to Read Lore and Share Victories from League of Legends

It is no secret that League of Legends is popular, with over 12 million active players a day. AltEgo, is developing an app that expands your League of Legends experience onto Android and the web. Morgan J. East, the Community Manager for AltEgo let us in on the Beta and gave us all the details. They are now needing Beta testers, as well.

So, what if after your battle, you could extend the competition by sharing it on a social network? Champion Select does just that. Show off your victory to your Friends on Facebook, and Followers on Twitter, teasing all those who played against you. It’ll certainly increase rivalry for future encounters, making things very public for humiliation.


  • Android and web versions are FREE
  • Read the lore on each Champion
  • Post with a Champion
  • Share Victory posters with friends (frenemies) on Facebook and Twitter, even an Email option
  • Eventually, there will be paid “tiers” that will unlock new posters
  • Some Victory posters will require certain in-game qualifications to unlock

Morgan stated that one feature that is in development, is the inclusion of displaying the skin you used during the game, so that you can accurately display your Champion. And it will also show your teammates Champion skins as they were used in the game.

AltEgo is very proud of their product, and are excited to talk about it. And rightfully so, it’s certainly the natural extension that League of Legends has been missing.

Seth Gerson, CEO of AltEgo:

“We play LoL a lot, and are always posting our victories.  We thought that this would be a much more fun way to do it.  These posters allow you to get across messages that go further than just a screenshot.”

Jonathan Golub, VP Product at AltEgo:

“We’re designing special posters for Pentakills, Quadrakills and other in-game achievements.  With over 70 million LoL players worldwide, we’re creating many different styles of posters.  We get inspired by classic movie posters, album covers and even World War II propaganda posters.”

And it’s not just the inside team saying nice things about the app. We got to speak to JP from EA and Lance James at Trion Worlds about the Champion Select app, too:

JP, from Electronic Arts
“It’s nice to have an app that, in a way, allows you to track your victories and keeps a record of who you played with. If you worked well together playing you can look back at that victory poster and find their summoner name and perhaps even sync up with them later to play again.”
Lance James, Community Manager for Trion Worlds:
“I’ve been waiting to rub my wins in my buddies face and this does just that!”
League of Legends players who’ve gotten their hands on the app can’t get enough. It’s poised to be the best companion to the game. Will you try it?




As I’ve stated before, this app is currently in Beta and needs testers. It is as easy as signing up. Testing preference is on Android, but any amount of testing will be beneficial. AltEgo will be tracking how many people sign-up/download the app and use. And as a bonus, those who participate will be upgraded to the next “tier” once that becomes available.

Both the web and Android versions are available now at:

For more information, Like the Champion Select Facebook page, follow the Champion Select app on Twitter: @AEChampSelect, and their Community Manager, Morgan as well: @MorganJEast