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Unity of Command celebrates 2 Years since launch, has a sale

It is exactly two years today since 2×2 Games released Unity of Command, and they’ve put all of our products on a 50% discount for the weekend. 
Note that customers who buy from our site also receive a Steam key.
They also recently announced Black Turn: Operation Barbarossa 1941.
This prequel DLC, whose events happen prior to “Stalingrad Campaign”, completes the Eastern Front story as told by “Unity of Command”. Take control of the Wehrmacht and its allies in Operation Barbarossa, from the dramatic early victories all the way to ignominious defeat at the gates of Moscow.
Key Features
  • The story of the 1941 Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in 13 suspenseful scenarios.
  • Campaign extends into what-if territory, pitting the Wehrmacht against extreme odds.
  • Separate Soviet scenarios, about the two winter offensives which brought the Nazis to a halt.
  • New early-war units, including Axis allies from Romania, Hungary, Italy, Finland and Slovakia
The DLC will be released on December 10th, 2013. You can read more about it here.
In other news, there are several new developments with Unity of Command:
  • The game has been updated to version 1.04d (changelog). There was also a minor update to Red Turn DLC which now stands at version 1.01. Here are the instructions on How to Upgrade both.
  • There is now a dedicated Community Scenarios section on our site. Download any scenario you like, drop it into your user scenarios folder, and play away.
  • Multiplayer games can now be downloaded  for your archives, as the server will only keep them for one year.
  • Customers who still haven’t redeemed their game and/or DLC on Steam can do so through this link.