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Planets³ gets New Features while up on Kickstarter


Planets³ developer, Cubical Drift, are thrilled to announce that funding is well underway to reach and surpass its KickStarter goal of $250,000 and have revealed some fabulous new incentives.


Would-be and current backers may now add an additional $10 for an extra digital download to give to friends and family.  Add an additional $20 and backers get 3 pets that have unique abilities to help players early on in the game.

“We wanted backers to get something that would make them feel special when starting to play our game. Something that feels unique,” – Michel Thomazeau, Project³ Project Director – “Why does your cute pet have abilities? Because I’m a Kickstarter backer!”


Updated features:

  • In Planets³ every player will be able to create his own server and invite friends to it.
  • Characters will have different statistics that can improve and level up with actions within the game. For example, your “power” can be improved by using heavy tools and weapons, and your “vigor” will be increased by exerting yourself when tired.
  • Storylines will be playable in multi-player and all the progression will be stored on the server.
  • New armour, including armour specific to female characters.
  • Taming of certain wild animals, to become pets, will be possible.
  • KickStarter backers also have the possibility to have exclusive pets with specific and unique skill sets.