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Fowl Fever announces The Glerp Invade, playable at PAX East 2014


Formerly known as Sick Duck Digital, Fowl Fever a collective group of college students have announced their formation today. Based out of Worcester, MA their members are currently students at Becker College studying Game Development and Programming or Game Design and are determined to make creative and unique gaming experiences.

The studio’s first title Fortune Fountain released in January and is available on the Android App Store.

Following the competition at the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI) Game Challenge the team has decided to continue development of the project until completion.

The Glerp Invade  is a side-view, tower defense game for mobile where focus is pulled from towers and placed on traps, obstacles and terrain deformation. In it, an army of Glerps has risen from toxic sludge and are invading your nation; it’s your job to defend it utilizing various friendly weapons-grade woodland creatures!

Mentored by the likes of Popcannibal’s Ziba Scott, creator of Girls Like RobotsDemiurge Studios’ Tom Lin, and Beth Beinke-Schwartz, a Level Designer at the former Irrational Games, the team received a swath of valuable feedback before its final pitch to a panel of four judges.

The mentors and judges alike wanted to experience The Glerp Invade and Fowl Fever plans on fulfilling that request.

For those planning on traveling to New England for PAX East 2014, the game will be playable at the Becker College booth (Booth #140) during the span of the convention in April.

The game is planned to be released on both iOS and Android.