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Carmageddon: Reincarnation receives second major update to improve PC performance


The team at Stainless Games has been working hard on Carmageddon: Reincarnation since it entered Early Access at the end of March. They recently did a Twitch broadcast to show off the new features, which can be seen here: After the jump, you can see the full list of changes made to the game.

Here is their changelist:

Performance related changes

  1. The game has a better frame rate in full screen. Reduce your screen resolution to improve performance.
  2. We default to the LOW Graphics quality setting in the new Visual Options screen. Lowering this setting is the first thing you should try if your performance is not suitable.
  3. Once you have set the Graphics quality setting to something that is approximately correct for your PC we suggest you use some of the Advanced options to further tune the look and performance of the game depending on your PC setup.
  4. Post Processing, Shadows, Dynamic Cube Mapping, Virtual Textures and Ambient Occlusion are big performance hitters.
  5. The new sliders for World Distance, Accessory Distance, Ped Distance and Vehicle Distance can all have dramatic effects on game performance. We suggest you try each one, see what affect it has in the game and experiment with getting a balance between visual niceties and a playable frame rate.
  6. You will find that these sliders can be adjusted on per-level basis depending on how the level has been built, how large it is and the sort of viewing distance required.

On the Low setting and turning off VT’s, Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Post Processing and Cube mapping we have been able to achieve a 30fps+ gameplay experience on nearly all levels using the following PC setup:


i3 @ 2.9Ghz, 4GB RAM, 1Gb AMD HD 5700 series video card. Chopping Maul is our largest level yet and this level will have worse performance than the others.


Please be aware that this is just the beginning of our performance optimisations. We expect to see a lot more happen over time as more content is implemented and we find out the best ways to render the game to screen for different PC setups.


Post Processing is in early stages and as such the visuals in game when they are switched on have not been set to final.


Virtual Textures have been implemented and are included in the build. They are switched off by default as (currently) they can have a detrimental effect on performance, especially on lower spec PCs. If you have a good rig we suggest you try them and see how they work. We would love to receive feedback about how they are working on your PC. Please include output from DXDiag with any reports. (See HERE for how to generate the DXDiag file.)


Multi-threaded Damage is switched off by default. This was a late addition to the game and hasn’t received much testing. It should provide a performance boost but as it is untested we expect there to be some dodgy results. You can help us by reporting bugs you see with this switched on. If you can try to replicate any bugs with it switched off and on before reporting the issue that would be fabulous.


For a complete breakdown of each setting please see the following support article:
New Features

New Environments:

  • Bleak City

Environment Updates:

  • Dusty Trails
    • Now populated with more PUps and accessories
    • Level geometry and texture tweaks and updates
  • MagNuChem
    • Now populated with more PUps and accessories
    • Level geometry and texture tweaks and updates
  • Rig Wreck
    • Level geometry and texture tweaks and updates

New Cars:

  • Electric Blue – complete with “Electro Bastard Ray” (ped reaction and visual effects not done yet – in the meantime, the ray insta-gibs ‘em!)
  • The Plow – not textured yet
  • Annihilator – complete with permanent “Hot Rod”, but also not textured yet

Car Updates:

  • CU:NT Cop car textured and specs tweaked for game play
  • General game play tweaks, adjustments and fixes to all cars

Front End updates:

  • Improvements to the Wrecks Gallery and Garage
  • New Visual Options to tweak to increase performance
  • General bug fixes and improvementsIn-Game updates:
    • Performance and Stability Improvements
    • More Ped animations
    • More new Peds
    • New Pups
      • Electro Bastard Ray
      • Peds on Map
      • Mine Shitting Ability
      • Afterburner
      • Fast Bleedout
      • Opponent Stinger
      • Ped Detonator
    • Water splashes
    • Minimap and Map tweaks
    • PIS tweaks
    • Additional audio and audio tweaks and improvements
    • Action Replay tweaks and improvements


Things We Broke

The Eagle R’s damage texture is currently “horrible”.