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May 10, 2014

CheapShark Aggregates All PC Game Sales


CheapShark makes looking for the best deals in PC gaming easy. You can compare all the digital stores to find what you’re looking for in one easy spot. Deals are running all the time, and it’s entirely possible you could miss that one you’ve been holding out for. Let’s learn a bit more about them.

CheapShark looks at SteamGamersGateGreen Man GamingAmazonGameStopGameFlyGOGOriginGet GamesShiny LootHumble Store, and Desura for whatever currently is on sale.


You’re able to search by specific game as well, and see if any online store has the game you’re looking for, less than full price. Or you can filter the games down by sales, savings, and even what you’re willing to spend.

There’s even a CheapShark Google Chrome extension (unofficial and not recognized by the website). Right now, it only adds a “Search CheapShark” button to the Steam webpage, but definitely can assist in reminding you that maybe there’s a better deal out there than what I’m looking at. So, the fanbase is embracing CheapShark in new and exciting ways to further be able to find their game at the cheapest price possible.


I definitely recommend CheapShark as the go-to for finding the best deals as it’ll save you time and hopefully, some money.

Don’t want to go to a website all the time? You can follow CheapShark on Twitter or Facebook too.