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SpeedRunners updated with New ‘Ski Resort’ Level and holding Workshop


The SpeedRunners Map Competition has now launched, with the chance to get your best levels in the official rotation!

  • Big update to how players find and vote for user-created maps
  • There’s now over 6,000 user-created maps in total!
  • Brand new prototype map Ski Resort from the officialSpeedRunners team
Launched earlier this year, the SpeedRunners Level Editor has already resulted in more than 6,000 user-created maps being added to the game.

Now tinyBuild Games and DoubleDutch Games are offering our SpeedRunners the chance to get their own levels added to the officialSpeedRunners map rotation, right there on the main map selection screen for everyone to see.

The SpeedRunners Map Competition has now launched, and the winning SpeedRunners level creators will see their creations receive custom artwork and an official place in the front page playlist.

Not only that, but anyone who enters the competition may see their maps appear in a special showcase alongside the official roster for the duration of the competition.

As part of the update, we’re also rejigging the way in which players navigate the user-created maps, and upvote/downvote user levels. Since there are over 6,000 user maps now, we really felt there needed to be a more substantial way to sift through them!

And that’s not all! Today’s update also adds a brand new prototype map to the official roster, called Ski Resort direct from the brains of the SpeedRunners team. It’s all about slipping down slopes and gaining serious momentum — get it played and tell us what you think!