Lights Off

Child of Cooper announced from Might and Delight, and due out this year


Today, Might and Delight have shared the first details from our next upcoming project. Child of Cooper is a new IP that explores the borders of the game medium and what they expect from it. Its a visual narrative that challenges aspects of normative video game storytelling.

In Child of Cooper you are reliving the memory of a child in a narrative that does not wait for your actions in order to move forward. Players step into the game much like a child entering a grown-up world. Nothing will be given to you at any point and even how to maneuver the game will be left for the player (the explorer) to discover. In the teaser we also show a first glimpse of the projects art style. A surrealistic, almost threatening style that highlights certain objects that the child remembers clearly while others are impossible to make out. Making sense of what you see in Child of Cooper is a big part of the experience.

Underneath the diffuse fragments lies a setting and a story that might appear very different depending on how you engage the game. The material presented today hold clues to the story and might give insight to what the game is portraying.

Child of Cooper have been in production several months and is set to release on Steam and other platforms later this year. Leading up to the launch, we will the process of creating Child of Cooper by posting one image every day from the production here.