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Jun 16, 2015

Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide E3 2015 Preview


My last game seen at 2K was another from Firaxis, another Sid Meier game, Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide, the new expansion for Beyond Earth. It looks to expand the game in ways it needed over the original game.

The game focuses on relationships, and their standings as you are able to see each nation’s standing, to help you avoid making mistakes when going through the diplomacy and accidentally making a nation mad at you.

Beyond Earth – Rising Tide allows you to make aquatic advancements and expanding your civilizations in new and exciting ways. What was once limited to only land-based expansion can now be done on all bodies of water. As you’ll try to expand, you’ll come across indigenous life that must be eradicated before expansion can begin. After doing so, you’ll anger the life and have to defend before fully settling.

This too seems somewhat safe and expected from Firaxis, with no real surprises here. The expansion is coming in Fall 2015, and seems to complete Civilization: Beyond Earth.