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Jun 17, 2015

ASTRO Gaming E3 2015 Preview


Astro Gaming has been constantly updating and refining their product line in ways that make them incredibly comfortable and punchy in their audio delivery. Astro Gaming is incredibly dedicated to staying the best at what they do, and it shows in their sleek and powerful designs.

Astro A50 / A40s

This is their flagship headset, the ones that run with the MixAmp. The battery life is a bit short, but is lengthened when the microphone is not being used. And even, when you flip the microphone up, it mutes the mic, without any need to press any buttons. The Xbox-branded headsets are a bit more, but include the chat adapter needed to transmit the audio to your ears. Whether you go with the A50 or the A40, you are in for an auditory treat.

Astro A38

This is the series’ lifestyle line for on-the-go listening is surprisingly comfortable for on-the-ear headsets. They are smartly designed, and will sample outside noise to improve noise cancellation onto the listener. This headset is just for use with music and movies, and not gaming. The result of these makes it so you can have Astro away from your home when you’re not gaming.

All the headsets are lightweight and wireless options. None of them can be compacted to a small form-factor, but they are well worth their money. If Astro Gaming wasn’t on your radar before, they should be now, for those looking for a wireless solution.